Pure Wasabi by Coppersfolly

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Pure Wasabi and Ham Sandwich

One of the nice things about wasabi is it accentuates the flavour of food. None more so than wasabi in a ham sandwich. For this very reason some chefs use wasabi and ice cream as a sorbet in order that it cleanses the palate for the next course.

Undoubtedly one of our favourite uses of wasabi is to spread some pure wasabi inside the ham sandwich. It creates a sharper, fuller flavour. Again how much you use is over to you. A little will give a delightful, mild tingle in your mouth, while a lot will give every wasabi lover the full, nasal clearing ‘hit’. Even better, no nasty chemical, metallic aftermath that comes with the artificial pastes.

But don’t stop there. Pure wasabi can make a treat out of any club sandwich, bread roll, Dagwood sandwich, and croissant. The presence of butter or cheese tends to dampen the pungency of wasabi.