Pure Wasabi by Coppersfolly

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Pure Wasabi Mousetrap

Also known as a toastie and probably many other names, this has traditionally been made in New Zealand using a spread of Marmite (a yeast extract similar to vegemite) on the toast before adding just cheese or pineapple, ham and cheese. Now, forget the Marmite, instead use a spread of pure wasabi paste, on the toast, then ham pineapple and your favourite cheese. Under the griller until the cheese melts and begins to brown. Serve straight from the oven.

This is simply mouth watering, delicious. This is one where I like to lavish on the wasabi, so as I nibble the hot ‘mousetrap, trying not to burn my lips on the melting cheese,’ I get the full burst of a wasabi hit. Amazing if it’s winter and you have a slight cold. Totally clears the sinuses.

Helpful Hint: The ‘wasabi hit’ (pungency) is released in your mouth as the pure wasabi paste warms. It is affecting the back of your mouth and nasal passages. Too hot? Breath in through your nose to take it away from your nose. Need a bit more of a hit? Stop breathing or even allow the air in your mouth to move out through your nose. OK don’t forget to start breathing again.

Pure wasabi is a one off hit. It is very polite and doesn’t burn your gullet nor does it repeat on you all night. Using Pure wasabi by Coppersfolly you are in control of the ‘hit’.